Got Poop?

asi portfolio: got poop after website redesign

Got Poop? is a local Sheboygan based company offering reliable and dependable poop scooping services. Ideal for dog owners who don’t like to deal with the unpleasant task of picking up after their dog. Simply give Got Poop? a call and they will pick up where your dog left off.

The owner of Got Poop? approached ASI to help with creating a brand (logo), marketing materials and an online presence to appear professional and get the word out about their service. Picking up dog poop isn’t the most glamorous, but Got Poop?’s new brand is vibrant and has a playful vibe to keep things from getting too ‘stinky.’ The clean, image-rich website is built on the WordPress platform to make it easy to use and keep up-to-date. From beginning to end, visitors will be greeted by cute and colorful dog photographs that are very eye-catching and engaging.

The layouts looks so fun it almost makes us want to pick up dog poop…almost.

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