Rohde Dales LLP


Rohde Dales LLP website before redesign


Rohde Dales LLP website after redesign

Rohde Dales LLP is a law firm based in Sheboygan County, WI. The primary mission of the attorneys and counselors at Rohde Dales is to provide superior quality legal services and counsel to small to medium sized businesses and the families which own them.

The goal of the website redesign was to convey trust and confidence with their legal expertise and experience, and get prospective clients to give them a call. To accomplish this, we transformed their site into a cleaner and more modern layout, leaving Rohde Dales with a polished look, which exudes reliability and professionalism. New high-quality photographs of the attorneys and the Sheboygan area in combination with a conservative color palette reinforces their expertise and the legal side of their business. The new website was created on the WordPress platform and is fully responsive to provide the best experience for users across all devices.